Photo Essay: The telling of the hand

Hands. They tell a story. A story about one's adventures, choices and about their life. The lines and creases spread across the palm like the continuous path of life, the scars and wounds are telling of the obstacles that we've had to overcome. The gestures. Clenched fists, or loose hands are telling of the feelings. … Continue reading Photo Essay: The telling of the hand


#FeesMustFall 2016

#FeesMustFall protests at Wits University and student sentiments on the movement.  Wits University students protest against fee hikes started on 19 September 2016. A week and a half long shut down  took place. The university reopened, and heavy security was deployed to ensure academic activities continue, however students continued with their demonstrations. Violent clashes between … Continue reading #FeesMustFall 2016