Sets of Tweets

Worker's Protest and Worker's Meeting On March 4th, retail workers at Wits University shut down the matrix and various eateries in protest of their demands not being met by their owners. //[View the story "Set of Tweets: Worker's Protest and Worker's Meeting" on Storify] Set of Tweets: The events around Wits University //[View the story … Continue reading Sets of Tweets


Infographic: Student Payment Plans 2016

Students who were unable to meet their March fee payment deadline have not been deregistered or financially excluded. The University has set up payment plans to accommodate students unable to meet the deadline. ¬† WITS JOURNALISM STORY PITCH FORM DATE 6 May 2016 NAME Aarti Bhana IDEA FOR A TITLE Student payment plan options WHAT … Continue reading Infographic: Student Payment Plans 2016

A modern day Freedom Charter

April 27th is celebrated as Freedom Day in South Africa, marking the anniversary of the first non-racial elections after the fall of apartheid.Wits Vuvuzela takes a look at the many meanings of freedom. //[View the story "A modern day Freedom Charter" on Storify]

Don’t pay your way out of an offence

Motorists must know their rights and avoid paying bribes to stop the cycle of police corruption. POLICE corruption on the road remains an issue for the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD), as officials urge motorists to avoid paying bribes. Wayne Minnaar, chief superintendent at JMPD, said motorists and passengers should never give a Metro police … Continue reading Don’t pay your way out of an offence