Wits won’t talk about sexual harassment allegations

Wits’ Gender Equity Office is investigating a senior Wits professor for sexual harassment following allegations from three staff members. 

Wits University has declined to comment on the investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against a senior professor.

Earlier today, EWN reported that the professor has been placed on special leave pending a report of the investigation which is due to be handed to the institution tomorrow. The professor is accused of sexually harassing  two lecturers and an administrator intermittently over a two-year period, according to EWN reports.

“Three women claim that the professor offered to help them further their studies, get a promotion and help them at work with special favours, but only if they agreed to partake in sexual activities with him and one other person,” EWN reports.

University spokesperson Shirona Patel told Wits Vuvuzela the institution would not comment on the matter until the investigation was over. “The University cannot comment on any process involving any staff member if such processes have not been concluded. It would be irresponsible of the University to do so.

The Wits Gender Equity office, which is responsible for handling cases of sexual harassment at the university, also declined to comment.

In 2013 an independent inquiry into cases of sexual harassment at Wits University resulted in the dismissal of three members of the academic staff and the resignation of one other following accusations from students.


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