Sports Profile Video: Irfaan Mangera, 20 year old cricketer and activist

20 year old student, Irfaan Mangera has used sport in many facets of life, this including his activism and mission for social change.

Irfaan Mangera, a 20 year old Wits student, is actively involved in various organisations and draws on cricket as a means for youth and positive social upliftment in his society.


As an executive member of cricketing sports club, Crescents Cricket Club, and as a sportman himself, Mangera sees cricket as more than a recreational past time. For him cricket is a means of developing one’s character, building social connections and can teache one how to work cohesively.

He uses sport alongside his activism, to provide upliftment to the youth in his society and communities.

Mangera is involved in social organisations, such as the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, Muslim Students Association at Wits and the Palestine Solidarity Alliance,whilst also fulfilling his responsibilities as the Deputy Chairman at Wits Education Campus.

His activism and dedication to change is not just a mere part of his lifestyle, it’s more, it’s his life itself.


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