Printers across Wits get revamped

The Computer and Network Services(CNS) at Wits has rolled out a new managed printing system, serviced by Konica Minolta which is shown to be more cost efficient. WITS University has introduced a new printing system across its campuses which is supposed to be a far more cost-effective solution for staff and students. Since February this … Continue reading Printers across Wits get revamped


Humanities students seek job opportunities

Humanities graduates with more focused and professional qualifications are more likely to be recruited by companies compared to humanities students with a more general degree.  STUDENT career fairs hosted by CCDU are not providing opportunities for BA and Humanities students on the basis that they are less appealing to recruitment companies than specialised degrees. Counselling … Continue reading Humanities students seek job opportunities

Silk Visual:Olympics 2016

Olympic games participants are walking away with all smiles and big rewards. This Silk Visual representation looks at some of the medals won by remarkable sporting personalities in their respective fields. // from

First WCCO “artivism” initiative gets sanitary pads for students

WCCO hosted a night of poetry in celebration and upliftment of women. A total of 173 packs of sanitary pads were donated by attendees to support the female students in need. A total of 173 packs of sanitary pads were donated to WCCO following their Women’s Day poetry slam campaign held at Wits last night. The … Continue reading First WCCO “artivism” initiative gets sanitary pads for students

Poetry slam to celebrate women

The Wits Citizenship and Community Outreach (WCCO) will host their first"artivism" (combination of art and activism) event with two sanitary pads as the entrance fee. The event, a poetry evening, is a celebration of women and is themed:  "Unapologetically feminine". The organisers say they hope the entrance 'fee" will help them collect 300 packs of sanitary pads … Continue reading Poetry slam to celebrate women

OPINION: The dynamics of diversity in South Africa

This week's opinion piece explores the dynamics of diversity, and on the understanding of different perspectives and cultures of living in South Africa. MUSICAL hero Bob Dylan once said, “Don’t criticise what you can’t understand”, and since I heard the quote, I committed to practicing what he preached especially when I am confronted with social issues. … Continue reading OPINION: The dynamics of diversity in South Africa