Photo Essay: Hope

Handing out Hope

The small roads within the big city are places where the most profound stories are told. The same road that leads the businessman to his daily job is the same road that ‘shelters’ the homeless. We see men fall at the mercy of their struggle every day, praying for reasons to restore their hope.

Every Monday evening, homeless men and women gather on the pavement outside The Holy Trinity Church in Braamfontein, Johannesburg where they wait to receive a hot meal. Their hands clasped, their eyes searching and their clothes torn and dusty, an indication of their trailing through the city.

As dusk settles, the men and women walk wearily into the church gates. Man stands behind man, all with common cause to satisfy a basic need. Their bowed heads look down to their empty hands ready to clasp a cup of hot soup and fresh bread. The look of contentment. Something to hold. Something to sustain them for the next few days.

– Aarti Bhana


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