Cool Kid

Keletso Bonolo Modiba is driven and adventurous. Once she sets her mind on something, she goes all the way to achieve it.

Her dream is to become an international act and feature on The Ellen DeGeneres show. She started by shadowing famous radio personalities at various radio stations such as Metro FM, YFM and 5FM. Her favourite disc jockey is DJ Fresh, and she says she looks up to him after shadowing him.

She wanted to present for Voice of Wits (VOW) FM, and is currently undergoing training to be a presenter on the station.

A first year BA Film, Video and Performing Arts student, Modiba is affectionately known as “Lula” – a nickname derived from Bonolo, which means “easy”.

Modiba is a self-taught entertainer. She learned how to beatbox after watching it on TV and is learning how to DJ in her spare time. She used to play the double bass guitar in an orchestra. She says she is inspired by her late dad, the legendary Eddie Zondi, who presented the Romantic Repertoire on Sundays at Metro FM.

Modiba is best identified by her hair, which she calls “undercut dreads” and her fashion sense is very vintage. She often mixes colours, but doesn’t follow many trends, she says.

She says her mom, Wendy Modiba, is her favourite person in the world and her biggest inspiration because even though she is working full time, she is about to graduate with masters in Information Communication Technology.

“She is black, successful and beautiful!”


BORN TO ENTERTAIN: Keletso Modiba takes after her late father, Eddie Zondi, and seeks to become a radio personality.                              Photo: Aarti Bhana


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