Calls for shuttles to taxi ranks

Students request for evening bus and shuttle services, to ensure their safety.  WITS students feel that their safety is threatened when leaving campus late at night and a Wits bus service to taxi ranks and private residences would be a great help. Wits bus services support students living at Wits residences and operate throughout the … Continue reading Calls for shuttles to taxi ranks


Umswenko: Androgynous Fashion

.Androgynous fashion tends towards breaking the conventions of male and female fashion. It goes beyond gender binaries, and is gaining popularity because of its accessibility. Photos and album by: Aarti Bhana      

A modern day Freedom Charter

April 27th is celebrated as Freedom Day in South Africa, marking the anniversary of the first non-racial elections after the fall of apartheid.Wits Vuvuzela takes a look at the many meanings of freedom. //[View the story "A modern day Freedom Charter" on Storify]

Don’t pay your way out of an offence

Motorists must know their rights and avoid paying bribes to stop the cycle of police corruption. POLICE corruption on the road remains an issue for the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD), as officials urge motorists to avoid paying bribes. Wayne Minnaar, chief superintendent at JMPD, said motorists and passengers should never give a Metro police … Continue reading Don’t pay your way out of an offence

Students with outstanding fees will not be deregistered

Fees office confirms that payment options are put into place, and no students will be deregistered. STUDENTS who were unable to meet a March deadline to pay fees will not be deregistered and instead being offered payment plans to help accommodate their situation. Students protest about deregistration Students involved in Monday’s protest said that they … Continue reading Students with outstanding fees will not be deregistered